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August 06, 2019 2 min read

FRIZZ AND DRYNESS  are the look from having hair breakage. Each hair follicle has a deep cuticle layer with over lapping scales. Hair breakage occurs when the scales separate and fall apart. 

Here are several reasons why hair breakage occurs:    

1. Diet

I tell my clients that a healthy diet is a must if you want healthy skin and hair. You are what you eat and this is why diet is so important. Certain nutrients help your hair grow while preventing hair damage. Make sure you get adequate protein as well as folic acids. Green vegetables have high content of vitamins and minerals such as, zinc and iron. These nutrients are essential for strong healthy hair and glowing skin.

Teal Beauty’s Vitamin Sea products are filled with deep sea vitamins and minerals.

* Superstar ingredients: Kelp and seaweed with high zinc content that nourish the hair bulb and follicles to heal and promote healthy growth. 

2. Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic hair ties are must-haves on certain days. Either while you are working out or if you are having a bad hair day, ponytails seem to be the go to look. My Favorite hair ties are scrunchies, but if you are using an elastic band, try a looser ponytail so it doesn’t pull on your hair so much. Tight ponytails can pull your hair out from the scalp and may cause breakage from damage of the hair cuticle close to the elastic band. Final advice, Never use a rubber band for a ponytail. Rubber bands cause breakage and can get tangled in your hair. The last thing you would want to do is resort to cutting a rubber band out of your once beautiful locks.

3. Heat Damage
Hotter is not always Better!
If your hot tool has a thermostat, please keep it no higher than 250 to 300 degrees.This is hot enough to curl or flat iron your hair without causing a lot of damage. I tell my clients to think of it this way, the hotter you use your tools, the more breakage that will occur. This is why I also tell clients to keep your Hairdryer on medium and to use ceramic versions of hot tools when ever possible. Ceramic hot tools have an even heat distribution and this will cut down on breakage and waiting time for each strand of hair to straighten or curl. Teal Beauty Protect and Shine is a thermal protectant. Applying this to your hair before using any hot tool will protect your hair from breakage and add shine.
Final advice: When ever possible, give your hair a break from hot tools. On a lazy weekend, put a leave~in conditioner in your hair and let it air dry. 

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